Bob Diamond Unveiled as Barclays CEO

Bob Diamond Unveiled as Barclays CEO

It just so happened that on the day when the London Underground decided to grind to a halt, thanks to the unions, I had to find myself in Canary Wharf at 8am. I boarded a taxi from south-west London at 06:30 and arrived at 1 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf exactly an hour and a half later; 08:00 spot on time!

This shoot was to produce a photograph that had the potential to gain good national coverage the next day, as Barclays were to announce the appointment of their new CEO, his name: Bob Diamond.

The location was not actually in the head office, but in a branch situated underneath.  I have photographed these “Branches of the Future” where everything is designed as if a piece of sculpture, even the waiting area has Tim Burton-esque railings.  I decided that the desk area was too dark and that the upstairs corner window which looked out onto a lobby area was the place to shoot this….I only hoped the photographer from Reuters agreed otherwise we were going to have to split a 10 minute photocall between the shots we both wanted to do.  Thankfully, he agreed it was the best, and probably only place to shoot the three Barclays chaps, which consisted of the incoming CEO, the outgoing one and the Chairman.  Making three people in a picture look tidy is always a very difficult task, in terms of the framing of the image it is terribly difficult sometimes to make it work, especially if the subjects are of similar height.  For this reason we introduced a funky chair that was laying around in the branch sitting Bob Diamond down in it and having the other two slightly behind resting on the back of the chair.  It worked well I think.

I shot this setup from two angles; one had the Barclays emblem on the frosted glass behind to the left of frame (which was for the client) and the other one, which made it over two pages in The Guardian, was shot straight on.

Click this link to view the BBC News video report, if you look closely, you can see me, seemingly always looking at the back of the camera!!


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