I’m sure you (like me) have been noticing these electronic matrix code squares all over the place lately.  They have been increasingly used recently for mainstream consumer purposes, featuring in glossy magazines, shop windows and even on television adverts as a new and simplified method of telling you more about a product or service for the smartphone-using social-media-obsessed generation of the 2010’s.

Once I discovered what these codes actually were (“QR CODES” they’re called) I was instantly excited at the ingenius potential for myself and other creatives like me. With the simple, and traditional, action of handing over your business card, complete with QR code, people will now be able to point an iPhone or Blackberry at it and be directed to your website within seconds, almost effortlessly, resulting in potential clients being able to strike while the iron is hot and see how good you are, whether you are a photographer, graphic designer or artist, this method of promoting yourself is both simple and instant.

Do try mine out above.  If you haven’t done already you need to download a QR reader from the iTunes App Store.  Try this one: http://goo.gl/I1BF3



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