BFI London Film Festival – Five Days In….

Vanessa Regrave and Ralph Fiennes on the Red Carpet for the screening of Coriolanus  © Daniel Lewis 2011

I am now five days into covering the BFI London Film Festival 2011 and it’s all been very interesting. Especially for a movie fan like myself.

From a photography standpoint it’s been a fantastic project thus far,  which has combined many different types of work, from red carpet press style photography to arty exteriors to set up crowd shots.  A bit of variety is always a good thing when you are on a project for two solid weeks and breaks things up a bit keeping the creative juices going.

The images I am shooting are being used for Vue’s own coverage of the film festival, both focusing on Vue Cinemas’ perspective but also the festival at large.  Also, as part of this assignment I am putting together a book of images which will hopefully give a colourfully tangible flavour of the entire festival over its two week run.  For me it’s rare to work in this way – to be able to plan your shots each day with a view to producing an the end product featured in a glossy book.  But it also gives me a wonderful sense of  freedom to shoot how I want, with the book in mind several weeks away.  So I might for instance frame something with a double-page-spread in mind when shooting an exterior of the crowd, keeping in mind where the “gutter” is in the middle so as not to have anything important there in the picture.

Vue have given me all-access passes which have enabled me to get up close and personal to a host of A-List celebrities on the red carpet as they walk into the cinema.  So far I have photographed the likes of Jude Law, Ralph Fiennes, Woody Harrelson, Michael Fassbender, Seth Rogen, Ben Foster, Felicity Jones, Gillian Anderson,  and Tom Ford. Coming up in the next few days are hopefully George Clooney and Madonna, but we wait to see…would I swap Los Angeles for the building site that is Leicester Square…??

Amongst some of the film premieres that I have been covering are some highly anticipated ones like Coriolanus and 360

I will post again in a few days with another update, for now here is a selection of images from the London Film Festival 2011 so far…

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