George Clooney in Town

Photograph ©Daniel Lewis 2011

A quick picture post of Mr George Clooney who arrived on the red carpet this evening in Leicester Square to promote his new film ‘The Ides of March’ as part of the London Film Festival. He was joined by Philip Seymore Hoffman and beautiful actress Evan Rachel Wood.

Although I never do the whole red carpet/’Pap’ thing generally, for this particular assignment it has been crucial to capture the famous faces as they arrive at the various premieres. And it is actually tremendous fun being packed, like sardines, into a tiny pen with thirty or so other photographers. The fun isn’t so much the uncomfortably cramped conditions, but the huge challenge of trying to get that shot of each celeb, preferably looking into camera. You literally have to yell out the celebrity’s name to get their attention. A far cry from my usual portraiture assignments!! Technically speaking it is also a huge challenge jostling two cameras, one with a long lens, the other with a short, when there is barely enough room to breathe, let alone manoeuvre two expensive bits of kit without banking them against a railing or another snapper’s camera (they wouldn’t like that).

Unfortunately George didn’t stick around on the carpet for long at all so I had to make the best of it but hopefully I got something which will keep my client happy!!

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