Blurb Books: The best self-publishing service out there. FACT!!!

‘A Festival in Pictures’ in stacked boxes       ©Daniel Lewis 2011

Having just completed work on a big book project for my client Vue Cinemas containing my photography of the BFI London Film Festival last month, I can’t say enough about how good the BLURB system is to work with.  It is by far the most user friendly and high quality self publishing service out there, and that’s a fact.  Starting with the lovely, easy on the eye interface right through to the ease of choosing different templates and uploading the pictures into the imagebank, it’s a pleasure to use.  This was my fourth Blurb book and I was so convinced that it would be a top notch result that I ordered 16 books, not even bothering with a proof book first, such was my confidence in their approach, though I stress they don’t fully encourage that train of thought!!  I found Blurb originally after I gave up waiting for BobBooks to figure out how to develop an Apple version…which I’m sure must’ve been very frustrating for them, as I know many people who had the same view.  An opportunity missed, if you ask me.

They now have a ProLine range of products in operation, incorporating high quality paper and printing that simply blow all the competition out of the water.  I chose the Imagewrap option for the cover and Proline uncoated paper inside, which is stitched into place for durability.  With the high quality product they produce a given, you can also add to that their tremendous customer service which puts some of the major UK organisations to serious shame.  Any queries are answered in good time via the email system within an hour, bearing in mind they are based in the USA that isn’t bad going at all.  For example I had a problem when paying for my order which went past the £1,200 mark.  The website crashed.  Assuming that the order would be voided I went back to the start and re-placed my order, breezing through the payment process again and clicking ‘pay’.  Two days later I see my bank statement and discover I have paid for it twice!! ‘No panic’ I thought, this is Blurb I’m dealing with…I sent an email explaining the issue and within an hour they had accepted the responsibility (a freak occurrence I understand) had refunded me the money and I went on with my day.  No trouble.  There are plenty of companies I know (no names) who would have dug their heels in over this.

I was hugely impressed with the overal service and amazing product that I felt strongly enough to write a blog post about them.  I highly recommend any photographer out there to use Blurb.  You will be really pleased with the quality of printing, it maintains the colour and vibrance of what you see on the screen, and certainly with the ProLine Uncoated paper, manages to keep the brightness and contrast of the original image, maintaining strong blacks, which I think is the key to the clarity.  The other great feature is that you can display, promote and sell your book from your own online store, on the Blurb holding site, which is fantastic.

Note the clarity of a B&W image and paper texture    ©Daniel Lewis

My Blurb Bookstore, it’s that simple

Also, as we are now living in the world of digital files and iPads, there is an opportunity for us all to purchase and download an eBook version, which is great for anyone who likes to show potential clients work on that device.

See the actual book compared with the eBook version        ©Daniel Lewis

Keep up the good work BLURB!!!

To view my book in full please click here to be taken to my Blurb bookstore.



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