Team Ossur Photo Shoot

Photograph ©Daniel Lewis 2011

My final shoot before Christmas was at Lea Valley Athletics Centre in Edmonton, North London, where I photographed two Paralympic 2012 hopefuls, Scott Moorhouse and Jonnie Peacock, for a company called Ossur, who manufacture top end prosthetic limbs.

First up was javalin thrower Scott Moorhouse. It had originally been planned to shoot both athletes in the building itself, but on reflection it didn’t seem appropriate to simulate a javalin being thrown indoors! So I asked the staff for the outdoor running track floodlights to be turned on,and they duly obliged. Outside we were able to shoot some lovely dramatic images of Scott, with the floodlights in the background, utilising some harsh side lighting. The important aspect for the client was to show the prosthetic leg in use, but also some of the branding, which Scott was wearing on his chest. We were lucky enough to have a nice evening sky as well.

For Jonnie’s portraits it seemed more suitable to shoot inside the Athletics Centre.

This facility was built with the Olympics in mind, I would imagine, and so is state of the art. It’s also very photogenic with, a intricately designed roof. I had initially intended to shoot low down looking up at Jonnie, showing off the complex ceiling.  Unfortunately, the Centre was built for athletes to train in and not for photo shoots, so despite the huge space, there wasn’t anywhere clear to set up with all the people running around and navigating over high jumps etc, except for the running track which is banked.  I sat Jonnie down and set up some lights, posing him up in athletic shape, all the time making sure that leg was visible, and making certain that the shot demonstrated it in use, with full force on it.  Jonnie’s images are much simpler that Scott’s in terms of framing, but I think they are a nice contrast to each other.

See below for the results…

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