Sierra Rutile Annual Report Shoot: Part One – Mining

The end product – a mine worker handles rutile shortly before it is shipped out


As mentioned in my previous post regarding football in Sierra Leone, which got huge response from all over the world by the way, I was actually there to shoot an annual report for Sierra Rutile, a mining company based in country, who source a mineral called rutile.  Rutile  is used in the production of paint and titanium.  According to Wikipedia, in 2005 the Republic of Sierra Leone had a production capacity of 23% of the world’s annual rutile supply, which rose to approximately 30% in 2008.

This was my third overseas mining shoot.  In 2010 I visited South Africa, Australia and South America for Anglo American; in January I shot an annual report for Glencore in Kazakhstan and now to Sierra Leone, which was a little different in tone and colour to the others.  For one thing, there were no adventures underground, this type of mining was very much closer to the surface.

The team was in Sierra Leone for five days to capture both the operations of the mine (which is the focus of this posting), but also the community projects which I shall put up on this blog soon.  I have put up a large selection of images from the mine below, so enjoy, and in case you missed it last time out, there is a behind the scenes video as well.

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