Barclays Chairman to Resign

Marcus Agius photographed in 2008/ © Daniel Lewis 2008

The big business news today is that Marcus Agius is to resign as the chairman of Barclays in the wake of the Libor lending rate scandal.

I thought I’d post some images from a portrait session with him from a few years ago.  I did the shoot in his top floor office, at the Barclays headquarters, in Canary Wharf and as I recall it was a very quick session, as is often the case with these guys, you only generally get a few minutes to figure out what you’re going to do, set up the lighting, get him smiling and looking at camera.  Well at least I managed three out of four!!

He had, what I imagine, was a very expensive tryptic on the wall/ © Daniel Lewis 2008

To my knowledge these images never saw light of day, which is a shame because I always liked these shots and they have remained in my corporate portfolio three years later.  Quite often photographers tend to bin some their older shots from their portfolio as years go by, but these have always remained a permanent fixture.  Sadly it would seem probable that Barclays chose never to circulate them.


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