Foxy Bingo Advert

Foxy in Brighton on the first day of the week long shoot.

Foxy in Brighton on the first day of the week long shoot
© Daniel Lewis 2013

Back in September I worked on a fun seven day project, photographing some advertising stills for a new TV ad promoting the 2013 Foxy Bingo campaign. The ad was unveiled this week on ITV1, ITV2 and Channel 5 so I am now able to post some of the results.

The whole production had a multi-million pound budget and had attached to it a huge crew of cameramen, sound engineers, gaffers and technicians, as well as a couple of hundred extras that accompanied the production roadshow all over the UK. We commenced in Brighton and moved swiftly onto Liverpool, Blackpool, Newcastle, Scotland, London and finishing up in Stone Henge at the end of the week.

The concept of the ad was that Foxy was travelling around the UK on his bingo bus, picking up all kinds of people on his ‘magical mystery tour’ to the sound of Hot Chocolate’s ‘I Believe in Miracles’.

I had a lot of fun shooting this and was left to my own devices, which was a mixed blessing in that I could go where I wanted within reason, but on the other hand didn’t have much say in setting up the shots, as time was limited. In other words it meant I had to blend into the background and shoot the action on the go while the cameras were rolling, which was a big challenge, but one I relished. My photo-journalistic training was invaluable for this type of work.

Considering we shot this in September you would’ve thought the weather might have behaved, but this being the UK, we were unsurprisingly let down. In fact I’ve never know such a wet week on an assignment and at times the conditions meant putting the cameras away. But we got through it in the end.

I had to get a strong image from each set up so that the pictures could tie in with the ad, including individual portraits of the characters that feature during the 40 sec ad, as well as the shorter TV spots.

Probably my favourite shot from the week was in Brighton when I did for once have a bit of creative control over a shot. While the crew set up near the beach I shot some cool hero shots with Foxy himself swinging off a classic old carousel. The Foxy character is made more lifelike by a very expensive headpiece, that forms complex expressions, controlled by two expert puppeteers

The final TV ad can be found here.

Below I’ve included some of the highlights:



  1. Rob

    Hi, I have a friend who from behind looks spitting image of the man at the end waving, do you know who this is? Also a picture of his face?

    Many thanks


  2. Ian

    Just seen one of the new Foxy ads following the Jeremy Kyle show (think it was Thursday 24th?), which featured a young blonde lady on the prize bus (I think her name was Vic?) with a stunning assymetric haircut. My wife wants to get her hair done in the same style, but I cannot seem to find a pic of her! Can you help?


  3. Adam

    The main ad is reasonable but the ads breakers on Jeremy Kyle are the WORST I have ever seen. So terribly cheesy and pathetic. Putting me and others off watching Jeremy Kyle. In fact a Facebook group hating them is even in place.
    Perhaps return to the previous Foxy Bingo breakers = far less obtrusive.


  4. Re Foxy Bingo advert currently being shown…The lady named “Vic” is on the advert for Legs 11, she is sitting on the front seat of the bus. I would love to buy the beautiful flowered “dress” (or skirt and matching top) with a black and white patterned border, how can I find out where it was from please


    • Hi, If it is the lady with the short blond hair that I’m thinking of then the dress was from Oasis, which was bought in the 2012 summer sales. I’m afraid I cant remember where the jacket was from. If its not this lady send me a photo of the TV ad if you can and I’ll see what I can do to help! Rebecca


  5. louise johnson

    The woman with the long blonde spiral hair on the foxy bus is my old dance school friend Jaqui,i havent seen her in years but instantly recognised her in the advert.


  6. Lynette

    Has anybody got a picture of the girl with the short blond hair at the front of the foxy bus legs 11 I want the haircut or tell me were I could find the picture thank you


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