National Geographic Traveller Shoot

Cover Page

As I mentioned some time ago I undertook a photo shoot for the Chinese edition of National Geographic Traveler magazine at London’s Natural History Museum.  

It was a fabulous couple of days being able to wander around the building, with the feature writer and museum press officer, shooting whatever attracted my eye.  I was given fantastic access to some of the vaults that contained an astonishing array of unique items.   Artefacts from Captain Cook’s first voyage to Australia in particular stick in my mind, which included pressed plant samples which looked as though they’d only just been pasted into the book, as well as sketches that were composed onboard the ship and unbelievably well preserved marine life from the 18th century, one of which being a giant squid that apparently when fully expanded would be the size of a double decker bus.

I’m really chuffed with the final result and have included the complete magazine feature layout below.

博物馆 2-1NatGeo-2 NatGeo-4 NatGeo-5 NatGeo-6 NatGeo-7 NatGeo-8 NatGeo-9

Also, below are a couple of extras that didn’t make the final layout.


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