Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Film Premiere

Chris Pine on the red carpet in Leicester Square

Chris Pine on the red carpet in Leicester Square

I have often mentioned on this blog that I do shoot the occasional film premiere for one of my clients, Vue Cinemas.  They’re normally very chaotic and noisy events in Leicester Square, but without doubt one of the most thrilling perks of my job.  I pride myself on being able to shoot lots of different types of assignments, from portraiture to editorial features – the variety is what keeps me interested on a daily basis.  Much of this is down to my journalistic beginnings at Solent News Agency ten years ago in which I would be sent out on a daily basis to shoot all manner of things for the national media, some good jobs, some really bad jobs.  Being able to “nail” any job is part of that business and it was great training for going off on my own as a freelancer and working for multiple clients.

These red carpet commissions are up there with the most fun jobs because first off you get to hang out within a few feet of Hollywood’s A-list.  But the other aspect which is exciting (for me at least) is jostling for position with other photographers trying to attain that winning image.  It’s something I always enjoyed the buzz of as a news photographer and it’s fun to revisit that part of the job every so often.

Here are a few images from the Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit European Premiere at Vue West End which stars Chris Pine, Keira Knightley and Kenneth Branagh (who also directs the film).




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