Foxy Bingo Ad Campaign 2014

FoxyBingo2013-94The street dance, filmed at Wimbledeon Studios in London

I recently photographed the stills for the latest Foxy Bingo advert which can be seen on TV at the moment.  Two ads were filmed in two days, including a street dance scene which took place at Wimbledon Studios, before the crew headed to the Excel Centre, in London’s Docklands, which doubled as an airport.  It was a lot of fun to work on which I think is conveyed in the final adverts.

The stills are currently being used on billboards across the country as part of this year’s campaign.


See a selection of images below, plus a video of the advert.


[Above] The final advert in its entirety

[Above] A behind the scenes mini-doc from the first day of shooting at Wimbledon Studios



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  2. Roxy

    Hi there this advert has been getting me every time I see it I would like to know who the lady with white hair is got a green coat on she looks a spitting image of my old dance teach Jeanette could you tell me her name please


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