I’ve just returned from glorious Sydney, what a place.  Due to work commitments I only had the chance to spend a day or two looking around the city shooting my own pictures but I came away with a nice selection of moody black & white images, with a few colour ones thrown in too.

I was particularly taken with the Sydney Opera House which is a marvel of architecture, especially with all the troubles its construction encountered.  Being my first visit to the city I was genuinely star struck when I saw it for the first time, having been aware of it my entire life.  It was comparable to walking into a football stadium for the first time, that sense of almost disbelief that what you are seeing is the real thing, as opposed to the way you’re normally accustomed to seeing it, on TV, in books and magazines.  As you can tell by the extent to which I’ve photographed it, I rather enjoyed it from every angle and lends itself well to stark black & white imagery.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is also something that overwhelmed me.  It is an incredible feat of engineering and I took some time to walk across it in the few spare hours I had to myself, taking some pictures both on it and from either side.

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