Fright Night at Thorpe Park


Thorpe Park commissioned me to shoot some scary images to promote their new ‘Fright Night’ campaign, in the build up to Halloween.  The shoot was a huge amount of fun, with some terrifically realistic, almost too realistic, makeup.

One of the most fun aspects of the day was experimenting with different lighting schemes to enhance the fear factor in each image.  As scary as the makeup was it still needed assistance with lighting.  I found that harsh light from above worked really effectively, creating hauntingly dark shadows in the eye sockets – after all these characters are supposed to be the walking dead.  It worked particularly well on the evil woman with her book.

The images now feature in a rotating carousel on the Thorpe Park website, in particular on the Fright Night section where some brave souls can book an overnight stay in a horror themed hotel at the theme park, spending the night with all manner of horrible creatures, if they dare.

The pictures also featured on Mail Online.


Fright_Night-38 Fright_Night-21 Fright_Night-99 Fright_Night-102 Fright_Night-116

All photographs © DANIEL LEWIS 2014

Screen grabs from the Fright Night website…

Thorpe_Park_Screenshots-1 Thorpe_Park_Screenshots-2 Thorpe_Park_Screenshots-3 Thorpe_Park_Screenshots-4To learn more about Thorpe Park’s Fright Night, or to book tickets, please visit the website here

To view more of my work please visit my website at


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