‘Bin There, Dump That’ Promo Shoot

BinThereDumpThatSTILLS-2The motley crew from Watch TV’s new series ‘Bin There, Dump That’

Following up on a previous shoot for UKTV in which I photographed publicity stills for a series called ‘Honey I Bought the House’, I was asked back to shoot some promo shots for another show, entitled ‘Bin There, Dump That’, which goes behind the scenes of the waste industry, showing entertaining characters that’ll make you rethink one of Britain’s least glamorous jobs.


It was a tricky shoot because the site was a working facility so we couldn’t stop any of the operations for the purpose of our photo shoot, in which case we had to improvise, bide our time and pick what would work best in the narrow windows of opportunity we had at our disposal (no pun intended!!).  We’d nip in when a lorry had vacated the warehouse for literally 2 short minutes to take some shots before dashing back out to let another lorry in.  I was indebted to my assistant on the day as we had to move some very heavy lighting equipment within seconds, so credit to her – she brought her A-game along!

Considering the time limitations we were working under on the site I have to say I’m really pleased with the results.  We managed to get two strong hero shots that gained some great coverage in the TV guides and newspapers.

Watch TV Web PageThe promo image that WATCH elected to use on their website


To view my online portfolio please visit www.daniellewisphoto.com


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