Open House: Tristan v Christann Portrait


Tristan v Christann in his studio/ © Daniel Lewis 2015

My ongoing ‘Open House’ portrait series, of artists in their studios, gained two new additions just recently.  Up and coming fashion designer Tristan v Christann, who is based in Shepherds Bush, was the first, who kindly allowed me into his studio for a few hours on what was a lovely sunny, spring Saturday afternoon.  The fact that the sun was out really made the difference to the session.  Tristan had a fabulous studio that was split into two parts, and it was a real feast for the eyes, certainly for a photographer.  As Tristan was so accommodating with his time we had the luxury to shoot some different portraits in each room.  The sunlight came into the second room at just the right time, with Tristan’s cigar smoke being backlit by the rays coming through the window.  Like I said, that sunlight made such a difference to the atmosphere and tone of the image.

Tristan was the first of about thirteen artists in the Chiswick area, members of the Artists at Home group, who I’m photographing over the coming months.  I’m hoping to have them all completed by the summer, at which point I shall look into the next area of London in which I’m to continue my study.




To see more images from the project please visit here


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